Semenarna Ljubljana

Semenarna Ljubljana is the trademark for all seed products: seeds of vegetables and flowers, arable crops, mixtures for lawns, and seed potato.



Valentin is the trademark for seeds of vegetables and flowers, grass mixtures, ornamental bulbs and products necessary for a tidy garden and ornamental plants.



Bonami includes a wide range of food for small animals, thus ensuring a healthy and pleasant life for our pets.


Terminator X is the trademark for products used for protection against various pests in the garden, on the farm, and in the home. 



Rodovita is the service trademark of Semenarna Ljubljana with a network of agricultural centres and stores all around Slovenia. Its sales are directed especially to family farms with special attention placed on personal contact with each individual farm. Rodovita is also engaged in the purchase of agricultural products.



Kalia is the service trademark of Semenarna Ljubljana, possessing the leading position in the design of guidelines for offers of garden centres in Slovenia. Kalia retail units provide their customers with professional advisc, a variety of price ranges and arrangement by thematic sets, promising a great shopping experience for all customers.