Movement "The world that grows with you"

It has been already for more than a century that Semenarna Ljubljana puts efforts in the production of healthy food and preservation of Slovenian landraces. The result was the movement for gardening, „The world that grows with you“which we started in the year 2010.





There is an increased need for own production of food and quality spending of leisure time in the friendly, green environment. The primary goal of the movement is to attract people to arrange their own garden or green shelter on any surface available. The movement „The world that grows with you“ can be of help for the beginners as well as those with abundant experience.

How to make our surrounding green

To make our surrounding green, produce healthy food and provide for the qualify of our life. To arrange a green oasis on the surfaces available: in our own or hired garden, field, on a balcony, terrace, yard or windowsill. These are all the attributes of the movement „The world that grows with you“ which aims at raising the quality of life. The idea was taking the form for the entire year 2009, to result in the movement starting spontaneously in 2010. Semenarna Ljubljana acts as the first supporter of the movement and puts efforts into engaging new supporters, such as municipalities, other establishment and companies. We join our forces to raise the level of self-supply with food and quality spending of leisure time of more generations. Moreover, our wish is to provide a garden to anyone who wants one, whether owned by municipalities or private persons.

Gibanje za vrtnarjenje Odkrijte kako preprosto je vrtnarjenje Zelenjavni vrt v posodah
Gibanje za vrtnarjenje Odkrijte, kako presto je vrtnarjenje Zelenjavni vrt v posodah