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Attitude towards the environment

We believe that our success lies in respecting the best seed production practices, a sustainable developmnet orientation, consideration for the environment through environmentally friendly production and consideration for the needs of society. We demonstrate our attitude towards the environment on a daily basis and in particular, through our concern for landraces and Slovene plant varieties.

We are a socially responsible company and provide for a healthy, natural life. We respect natural principles and conditions. We are engaged in numerous projects associated with education and the environment, investing in education, science and the environment. By using natural resources, introducing cleaner technologies and decreasing impacts on the environment, we act in accordance with global development initiatives. Our business efficiency is also the result of our attitude towards the environment and the narrower and wider social communities, therefore these are our core short-term and long-term orientations and objectives. We have included responsible handling in the environment among our key strategic orientations.