Semenarna has a production storehouse and packaging facility in Celje where a new packaging machine for vegetable seeds was started on 18 July 2009.

Production processes in Semenarna Ljubljana are centralised enabling us to use our capacities more rationally and effectively. The production complies with the requirements of Slovene and European professional standards, good manufacturing practice and Slovene and European legislation. The packaging facilities are used for the company's own needs and also for other seed producers. The production facility in Celje is managed by a quality and motivated team which can successfully cope with the demanding objectives.

The renewed, extended and the largest production facility of Semenarna Ljubljana is a technical and technological achievement which is the result of Slovene knowledge and experts from Semenarna. It is located at Tovorna ulica in Celje. The entire production process is performed on a surface of 3000 m2: 600 m2 are intended for a new seed packaging facility, 400 m2 for seed processing, 600 m2 above the packaging facility is intended for the storage and preparation of seeds for packing, and 1400 m2 will be occupied by a production storehouse, a part of which is equipped with shelves for the storage of final products and the other, earmarked for the storage of raw material and intermediate goods.