Great garden seeds catalogue

The Great garden catalogue presents a selection of Semenarna trademarks of seeds, plant care and protection products, and food for small animals. The offer is intended for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, as well as for animal and nature lovers. The catalogue is useful throughout the year, even in winter, when gardening is done in protected rooms and when it’s time to take care of the birds outside your window.

Great garden seeds cataloque

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Policy of quality, reasearch and development

Quality is the motivating power and one of the priority values of Semenarna Ljubljana. Our products and services are sustainable-oriented. We desire to convince our customers through top quality products and services. We are constantly striving towards improvement of the quality of food production through a wide and diverse offer of retail and wholesale products and contribution to a more qualitative use of leisure time and improved arrangement of the living environment. More...

Semenarna Ljubljana

Semenarna Ljubljana is a seed company, organised according to the European standards that apply for seed companies. We are constantly striving towards improving the quality of the production of food and are together with a wide offer of various products in our own retail sale, as well as in wholesale, taking care of a more quality use of leisure time and a better arrangement of the living environment. The development of the company is based on its own products and services. More...

Markets and companies of Semenarna Group

Semenarna Ljubljana is the leading seed-providing company in the domestic market, while in foreign markets its market shares are considerable. Through our wide partnership network abroad, we market our products and organise seed production. More...