The greatest asset of the company is not a material one, but its employees with all their intellectual capital. Our employees with their knowledge, experience, education, professional qualifications, and other capabilities gained during work assist each other to the best of their ability with the intention of creating the best business results possible.

Semenarna Ljubljana d.o.o. employs 235 employees in Slovenia. The company has more than 30 retail units in Slovenia and 15 abroad. Employee efforts are dedicated to providing an appropriate offer of products for gardening, farming, wine-growing, fruit-growing and leisure time, as well as quality advice and sales.

Human resources strategy

In order to achieve planned strategic objectives, the human resources strategy must be correctly set up and includes:

  • dialogues among employees in all fields and on all levels,
  • internal and external staffing,
  • updating of skills,
  • transfer of knowledge and experience between co-workers,
  • motivation and awarding of employees,
  • career planning for staff with potential and
  • safety and health at work.

Career development at Semenarna Ljubljana

Semenarna Ljubljana offers opportunity to all capable and motivated individuals ready for new challenges.

We strive to support and develop the career and personal growth of our employees, providing additional training courses, education, part-time study, transfers between professional fields and levels, work on various projects, professional supplementation through visits to international fairs and consultations, and opportunities to work in subsidiary companies abroad.

Training and education of employees

Every successful employee is an ambassador of Semenarna Ljubljana. Success of the group represents the success of each individual thereby increasing the value of both the individual and the entire group. Success is the result of knowledge and motivation of all employees. Thus, in Semenarna Ljubljana we enable our employees to extend and deepen their knowledge and skills, motivating them to reach and exceed business and personal goals.